Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Where in the hell is Carlos Santana?

Can someone tell me what the hell the Indians management is thinking right now when it comes to the development of catching uber-prospect Carlos Santana? For three years now this guy has been tearing up minor league pitching at every level he's played at. He's won back-to-back league MVP's and, the way he is playing right now, is on his way to his third in a row at the Indians AAA affiliate in Columbus.

The fact that he's on his way toward the AAA MVP is actually a problem right now.

Heading into tonight's game against the Boston Red Sox, Indians poo-poo platter of a catching duo Lou Marson (.195/.261/.271) and Mike Redmond (.208/.250/.283) are performing about as bad as any Indians catching duo in recent memory.

You don't believe me? Take at look at the 1987 duo of Andy Allanson and Chris Bando. They were actually better than what we have right now. I'll wait patiently while you go throw up.

Of course, this just makes fans like you and my self beg to wonder...where in the hell is Carlos Santana? Santana is currently hitting .317 with an OPS of 1.026 for the Columbus Clippers. He also has 11 home runs. For comparison's sake, Marson/Redmond have combined for one home run!

If Carlos Santana were in Cleveland he would be hitting in the middle of the order right now. Not Jhonny Peralta. Not Travis Hafner. Even Manny Acta can figure this one out.

What really grinds my gears is the Indians brass' explanation as to why Santana is still marinating in the minors. They say he needs time to work on calling a game with the pitchers. Are you really telling me he needs more time so he can handle the likes of AAAA pitchers like David Huff and Justin Masterson? Really?!?!

Just bring the damn guy up already! I've already given up on this team for this year and next. At the very least, this guy can give the fans something to tune into at night instead of summer reruns.

Oh, and one more thing. For the love of God...when he gets to Cleveland, do not....I repeat...DO NOT let play this damn song every time he comes to bat.


  1. I hate the Marson and Redmond combo. Runner up is seeing Valbuena or even Marte playing with LaPorta in AAA now.

  2. Touche` to my anonymous Indians fan in hiding.