Wednesday, June 16, 2010

All About LeBron

A couple years back, I set ablaze an in-house squabble among WFNY commenter, fans, and writers alike when I went off LeBron James for rocking Cowboys gear at a Browns game less than a year after the Yankee hat incident in an anger filled post. I even used the catchy title of “Bend over Cleveland…LeBron is at it again!” It wasn’t exactly the feel good story of the fall. Back then I was so filled with anger that the only conclusion I could really draw on James is that he obviously didn’t have the same loyalties to the city of Cleveland that even remotely matches the adulation the fans have for him. More than anything, it just seemed like another athlete in this town showing a lack of respect for our proud city while we are on a national stage.

Today, I have to admit my feelings have not changed and recent events have only reinforced that opinion.

Let’s start with the Tom Izzo debacle. Granted, while I admit LeBron doesn’t owe us any real clue of how he spends his free agency tour, the least the guy could have done was send any kind of signal to Izzo while he and the Cavaliers organization twisted in the wind for nearly a week while waiting for any kind of hint from James on his future so Izzo could declare a decision. Naturally, Izzo couldn’t wait anymore and wisely chose to stay at Michigan State. Cleveland, on the other hand, is caught in another embarrassing moment of rejection.

Hey LeBron, at least show Tom Izzo, and the respect of giving the guy of some sort of phone call. You didn’t have to commit either way. It’s the very least you could have done. It is just a sign of respect to both Izzo and Cavs owner Dan Gilbert who has done nothing but bend over backwards for you since he bought the franchise.

The more the “Summer of LeBron” drags on, the more I can’t help but get turned off more and more by the guy as a Cleveland sports fan. I’m serious. This is the equivalent of dating the hottest girl in high school while she’s also openly doing half the football team, while at the same time, I don’t have the guts to even say anything to her because…well, she’s just so damn hot I might just drive her away. Oh, there have been great moments, but THE PARANOIA AND ANXIETY!

You want the guy who is willing to kill himself to win? You want the guy who will sign his extension during the season so there will be no playoff distractions? You want the guy who actually plays while hurt in the playoffs without making excuses? Then start watching the guy who is still the best player in the game on Thursday night. His name is Kobe Bryant and the only thing he cares about these days is the ring.

Catch phrases from LeBron James like “team” and “loyalty” seem all the more like Madison Ave. public relations babble because right now I just see a guy who is looking out for himself. Hey, he’s the guy who wants to be a global icon after all. Playing through alleged pain during the playoffs? Nope. Festering media distractions to the team? Check. Let’s face it, for over a month now James has behaved like somebody who has one foot out the door in his relationship with the city while New York and New Jersey (or soon to be his favorite borough, Brooklyn) eagerly awaits while giving Cleveland another kick to the groin.

Maybe it’s time we all start to recognize this idea.

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