Friday, December 31, 2010

Now This is a Fantasy Football Victory Speech!

Below is a very humble speech from the winner the fantasy football auction league I participated in this year. As you can tell, he clearly took notes from Michael Jordan's HOF speech and toned things down a little bit.

After a long hiatus, I'll be back in full force in the next week or so. If anyone is still checking this site, sorry for the long delay.

Who has two thumbs, owned the NWO, is a former hooker, and spawned a rookie phenom WR courtesy of her pimp's seed?

/Triumphantly points to self with both thumbs in between deep swills of Hennessy.


That's right fantasy cunts, much to D's chagrin, I have (as predicted) claimed the N.W.O. World Championship.

Hey D, you really are the Cincinatti Bengals of this league. Your team shits all over it self to the point that its out of contention by the end of September, then rattles off a few meaningless wins and now you think its safe to puff out your birdchest again. What's next? A show with T.O. and Ocho? How about a lame Twitter feed? Maybe once you stop gargling on Jordan and Carson Palmer's balls and come up for air we'll reach an exciting conclusion to this one. Till then you can keep sniffing my ass while you look up at my place in the final standings.

The top 2 high scores of the playoff, a world title, and only ten fucking roster moves. Think about that while you are pawning your mom's wheelchair and her vomit and box wine covered Lions Snuggie so you can pay for your 50 moves SuperFavre!

To everyone else, I had a great time this year...

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